Top 5 Canadian Winter Activities For 2021

Top 5 Canadian Winter Activities For 2021

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Everybody has been looking for ways to keep busy and stay mentally sane, especially post 2020, so we compiled a list of the Top 5 Winter Activities for you to enjoy with your bubble. 

It’s safe to say that we long for time spent outdoors now more than ever before, especially those of us working from home or stay at home parents who are cooped up with the kids. Not only does it feel great to get some fresh air, but we also need to remind ourselves to exercise more than ever.

So here are our Top 5 Winter Activities that will get you outside, staying active, and of course reconnecting with nature.

#5 Ice Skating (On Neighbourhood Ponds)

This one has been an absolute Godsend since local rinks have been shut down and adult sports halted. What better way to do one of the most Canadian activities just down the street from your home.

One of the best perks of having a frozen lake or pond nearby in your neighbourhood is that you can get out and skate some laps or practice your slap shot on the net. I have a frozen pond just 2 blocks away from my house and it’s never looked so good in my life!

I cannot recommend that you try it at least once, so you can take a selfie for the gram to at least say you did it. One day we will all look back at our quarantine lives and scroll through pics like this and reminisce on all the good memories we made despite the challenges.

#4 Cross Country Skiing


Thousands of Canadians are buying up used skis and learning cross country skiing. Even if ski hills are closed, there’s still tons of great nordic trails out there. Plus anytime there’s a snowfall Canadians are skiing through their towns and neighbourhoods on what used to be bike trails or walking paths.

Ottawa is great for this. You will see locals skiing through the town in the winter, where they normally bike in the summer. Now as long as you can still grab a beer somewhere you are good to go!

#3 Snowshoeing 

If you’re not as gifted at mastering skiing, you can always get into snowshoeing. If you know how to walk, then you’re set!


The great thing about snowshoeing is that it can be as easy or difficult as you wish. Stay on the trampled down path for an easy and comfortable walk or head straight for the powder to get a solid burn in your legs and test your balance for the day.

Every time I head out I always end up on my butt in three feet of powder. Getting back up is always fun! There’s usually somebody else with me who can take glamorous photos of me struggling to get back onto my feet.

You can either pick up a pair used from a local consignment store or go with the very popular pair from Costco. 

#2 Hiking

Going out for a walk and exploring some new trails is a great way to explore your own backyard on trails not meant for snowshoeing. There’s tons of places with great lookout views, frozen waterfalls, or even a view of the city.

Hiking can be as minimal as going for a walk. There’s no extra gear needed. Or you can be as extreme as hiking a mountain and tenting at the summit. It’s all up to you.

This is definitely my go-to when I can’t think of anything else to do. Get in the car, go somewhere beautiful, and go for a hike!

Make sure to bring your Garmin along to track your steps and heart rate. I love seeing and feeling all of the calories I burn off from a good hike!

#1 Hot Springs


The top Canadian Winter Activity is going for a relaxing dip into some hot springs. It is one of the most relaxing things you can ever do. Get away from home for a weekend, spend the night at a hotel, and all day in the relaxing hot springs.

If you have never been to a hot springs in Canada before, it is an absolute must! The salt and mineral content in the water, straight from the earth’s core. There’s something comforting knowing the water you’re relaxing in was heated from hot magma deep underground.

Your muscles will never feel so relaxed as the electrolytes permeate your body and allow them to relax. The warm temperate also aids your tight muscles to elongate which is similar to doing stretches or yoga. All of these benefits just by sitting or laying there!

Luckily, Canada has hot springs from coast to coast, so there should always be one relatively close to home. 

The top of the list has to go to Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia. Not only are there outdoor pools featuring a warm and cold pool, but there’s also a beautiful hot pool with a natural cave entrance that takes you on a circuit walking path underground. You can continue to walk through or find a little cove to nest in and let the hot humidity work its wonders. There’s also hot waterfalls in the cave if you’re brave enough to jump in.

It’s owned by Yaqan Nukiy and has a mouthwatering menu that’s all healthy, non-gmo, and antibiotic free. Staying at Ainsworth is a fabulous experience.

And if you don’t happen to find yourself in Western Canada then there should be plenty of options near you as well. You can’t afford not to go! Click the link to check them out below: 

 Oh, Au Canada!

We are so blessed to call Canada home and there is so much beauty in our own backyards. So let's get out there and not just see Canada, but experience it, and make the most out of every free moment we have. 

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