Au Canada Apparel is a startup business based in the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia. We are a husband and wife team that operates from home. 

Our basement is our storage facility, our garage is shipping & receiving, our kitchen table is the board room, and we like to have staff meetings during walks through our neighbourhood. 

Our store is 100% in Canadian dollars, so there are no currency conversions, nor are there any import, duty, or tariff fees charged to you the customer. The only thing you will be charged is the price of the garment, taxes in your province (GST, PST, HST), and for shipping. 

Free shipping on orders over $115!

Our incredibly Cozy Crewnecks are made in a state-of-the-art facility with virtually zero waste, so they're eco-friendly and 100% sweatshop free! They are based in California and have a sister plant in Guatemala that is WRAP certified! Our hoodies come from a similar plant in Pakistan, also WRAP certified! 

That means you're getting top quality garments from manufacturing plants with even higher standards for socially responsibility and environmental sustainability!

What's WRAP Certification?

In order to be WRAP certified an independent third-party must conduct audits to ensure they working conditions meet a very high standard in 12 different criteria:

1. Compliance with Laws & Workplace Regulations
2. Prohibition of Forced Labor
3. Prohibition of Child Labor
4. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
5. Compensation & Benefits
6. Hours of Work
7. Prohibition of Discrimination
8. Health and Safety
9. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
10. Environment
11. Customs Compliance
12. Security

If you're wanting to do more research into WRAP certification on your own before choosing where your dollars go. Follow this link for more information: 

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